What we stand for

Our mission at Akkeri Healthcare is to empower families with hope through quality therapy and integrated services.  At the heart of our specialization in pediatric physical, occupational, speech and music therapy, is our desire to walk alongside families helping them to see the infinite possibilities ahead. We strive to be a “Akkeri” (anchor) for families whose lives might be filled with swells of uncertainty and challenges. And to be a beacon of light to help them see the infinite possibilities that lie ahead of them.

Our therapists all have a passion for working with children.  They admire the resilience they see in each child.  They are in awe of the curiosity, the heart, and the determination they see in children as they work with them. They are consumed with ensuring that your child feels welcome and cared for every time they meet. And, they are committed to working with families to help them retain hope and gain stability wherever they are at that specific time in their journey.


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